Music Biz 101 Livestream

Join Yan Gorshtenin, Founder of StuGo, on August 20, 2021 at 7pm to talk all things music business. Special guest appearances will take place, and all questions will be answered.

About Yan Gorshtenin

Yan Gorshtenin is the founder of Gorshtenin Designs and co-founder/CEO of StuGo. At the very young age of 14, he stepped into the startup community as a self-taught programmer. Once he established his first startup, he sold his media sharing platform making it his first ever business transaction.

Yan integrates his vast expertise into his passion for serving others by helping brands gain exposure while maintaining his own business and platform. He was inspired by his involvement in the music industry to create the StuGo app, a solution for booking and listing studios on demand. Working with A-list celebs and other artists gave him the opportunity to build relationships in the industry to make his mark as an innovative strategist. Alternatively, his software development and web design agency, Gorshtenin Designs, brought in a quarter million in revenue by the age of 21.

He has perfected and mastered the process of creating solutions through the digital world as an entrepreneur. Effective goal orientation, time management skills and innovative strategies have all contributed to his success at such a young age.

One of his many achievements includes winning The Congressional Award in 2018. Yan is a Russian American entrepreneur who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he spends his free time nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit through different ventures.

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